Five Star Training-Restaurant Training and Seminars for Restaurant Management and Staff
Five Star Training-Restaurant Training and Seminars for Restaurant Management and Staff
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"Our servers had fun learning. The seminar boosted our sales 30% with our guests receiving an enhanced dining experience. There are no pushy tactics…only creative, subtle techniques that really work!"

-Ray Barshay-River Grille Restaurant-

Increase Restaurant Sales & Add $100,000+ Per Year with Selling Seminar

An instructor-led, interactive seminar that teaches your servers how to boost your food and drink sales and bring your menu to life!
Sizzle Your Sales” Seminar-Instantly recover the seminar cost and watch your money multiply. Servers making healthy tips stay employed longer.

Sizzle Your Sales

Suggestive Selling Seminar Topics:

  • Define the art of selling and why selling is an ongoing process
  • Learn how effective selling benefits managers, team members, and guests
  • Discover how easy it is to add excitement to the selling process with minimum effort
  • Compare a sales person's and an order taker's tips and see how the sales person earns thousands more a year
  • Understand that effective selling involves the complete knowledge of the menu/specials
  • Discover how suggestions complement and enhance the guests' dining experience while encouraging repeat business and increased tips
  • Properly assess your guests and discover key sales opportunities
  • Learn various selling techniques and check-building ideas
  • Understand the importance of selling your favorites
  • Discover the selling steps and various key selling approaches
  • Understand the do's and don'ts of selling and avoid being a “pushy salesperson”
  • Learn 100 key descriptive words and phrases that will tempt guests' taste buds
  • Discover the 2-S suggestive technique
  • Master the art of pairing up items and suggesting complements
  • Learn how to vary techniques by using a variety of suggested phrases and opening introductions
  • Discover how to recognize the decided vs. the undecided guest
  • Practice various verbal techniques using descriptive words and key selling benefits
  • Conduct the selling process by role-playing and using typical restaurant-oriented scenarios

Learn about our Suggestive Selling Plus Program which contains two parts:

1) The instructor-led, interactive suggestive selling seminar (topics shown above)

2) Strategies for restaurant operators of how to employ a solid sales culture (topics shown below)

  • Understand why employing a sales culture is essential
  • Discover methods to support the sales training program
  • Adopt specific coaching dialogue to address selling performance issues
  • Integrate a proven measure to hold employees accountable
  • Employ a system to track and monitor sales
  • Discover the importance of conducting performance reviews
  • Understand the benefits of running contests and games as incentives
Investment: Starting at $25 per learner depending on number of: seminars, total services, and attendees. Call for more information!

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