Training Task List

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Week One:

Learn computer clocking in/out procedures
Complete new hire paperwork
Bring necessary documentation and identification
Sign all statement of compliance forms
Tour the entire restaurant and meet the team
See the Tour Checklist and to ensure each area is toured.
Tour the office and review files and where they are located
This includes employee, vendor, management, and guest files. Observe systems, forms, surveys, admin/HR forms, training, marketing, recruiting, and like paperwork.
Attend Orientation Class
Review sexual harassment videos and material
Review time management videos and material
Learn coaching and progressive disciplinary procedures
Review written sanitation procedures and learn kitchen basics
Review areas such as: safe food practices, restaurant cleanliness and side work lists, hand sanitation and protection, and dish machine sanitation. (See state sanitation study guides)
Understand bleach buckets preparation and procedures
Learn the location of bleach buckets and the chemical mixture. Prepare bleach buckets.
Review safety information
Review safety information and OSHA standards
Observe food organization systems
Learn food rotation and handling systems: day dots/labeling/dating, layout an schematics, receiving and storage
Observe food items in the expedite window and learn menu items following the written description and food guidelines
Learn areas such as: food presentation, portions, sizes, preparation, placement, re-cook/re-make procedures, ticket times, and communication methods
Obtain equipment knowledge
Follow the operation, assembly, disassembly, cleaning/maintenance and safety procedures for all equipment, thermometers, supplies, kitchen tools, and utensils
Review forms, lists, and recipe book
Review the following forms: prep, order, supplier, inventory, re-cook, equipment maintenance, yield charts, delivery, purchase, and waste logs
Complete actual prep and yield forms
Follow the written procedures in the Manager/Operations manual and apply it to the actual forms
Observe the P-MIX (Product Mix Report) and understand its function
Understand guest counts and how to establish pars
Understand key kitchen terms
Understand portions, yields, weights, preparation techniques and cooking procedures such as bake, fry, poach, stew, simmer, broil. Learn lingo such as "86" and "on-the-fly". (see terminology section in Manager/Operations manual for details)
Kitchen POS Computer/Printers
Learn basic POS Computer kitchen Manager opening procedures
Kitchen POS Computer/Printers
Learn how to read a ticket, and change the printer and ink cartridge
Learn how to read and understand kitchen forms and lists
Learn the following forms/lists: Supplier, Ordering, Inventory, Prep, Yield, Delivery, and Purchase. Understand: portions, yields, weights, and preparation techniques
Learn how to conduct hourly food inspections
Follow the hourly food inspection chart
Assist in hourly inspections, learn food quality identifiers by checking the temperature of all food items
Receive deliveries
Learn how to order food and kitchen supplies
Learn computer kitchen management functions
Take Week One Written Review