Restaurant Checklists & Restaurant Forms

List of Restaurant Forms & Checklists

Restaurant Human Resource

Supplemental Employee Information
Employee Safe Working Practices Agreement
Insurance Coverage
Worker's Compensation Acknowledgment
New Hire Training Schedule
Permission for Minors/Alcohol
Pre-employment Drug Test Consent
Drug/Substance Abuse Agreement
Management Evaluation
Employee Evaluation
Investigation Worksheet
Employee Accident Report
Worker's Compensation Incident Report
Transfer Request
Progressive Disciplinary Action
Safety Checklist
Completing New Hire Paperwork
Employment Application

Restaurant Management & Operations

Opening Checklist
Meeting Checklist
POS Opening Checklist
Manager Hourly Inspection
Opening Setup
Daily Lineup
Employee Comment
Alley Rally/Pre-shift Meeting Worksheet
Alley Rally/Pre-shift Meeting Topics
Daily Prep
Salad Prep
Sauce Prep
Miscellaneous Prep
Food/Beverage Suppliers
Seafood Order Worksheet
Seafood Order
Fresh Fish Order
Produce Order
Beer, Wine, & Liquor Order
Kitchen Waste
Food Inventory
Bar Inventory
Month-end Material
Gift Certificate Inventory
Food Transfer
Re-cook Food Ticket
Re-cook Food Master Log
Maintenance Request
PM Management Checklist
Server/Bartender Closeout Procedure

100+ Pages of Forms

Restaurant Training

Restaurant Tour Checklist
Equipment Safety Training
New Hire Evaluation
New Hire Follow-up
New Hire Skill Level
Training Update
Trainer Recommendation
Trainer Interview Questions
Trainee Tracking
/Name Registration
Recommendation for Dismissal
Training Evaluation
Employee Task List

Restaurant Payroll

Time Adjustment
Payroll for Promotion
Vacation/Bereavement Request
Shared Tip Pool Receipts
Drop Slip
New Hire Status
Employee Eligibility Verification (I-9)
Change of Status  

Restaurant Marketing

Fundraiser Opportunities
Community Activities/Events
Frequent Guest Bonus Awards
Local Marketing Events Analysis
Restaurant Background Information
Trade Area Demographic Profile
Sales/ Guest Data (Lunch)
Sales/Guest Data (Dinner)
Sales/Guest Data (Lunch/Dinner)
Overall Monthly Sales (Lunch)
Overall Monthly Sales (Dinner)
Overall Monthly Sales (Lunch/Dinner)
Monthly Guest Counts (Lunch)
Monthly Guest Counts (Dinner)
Monthly Guest Counts (Lunch/Dinner)
Competitive Activity Report
Target Group Opportunities
Gift Certificate Inventory

Restaurant Lists

House Accounts/Food Allowances


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