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Restaurant Training Programs and 20 Restaurant  Services

Training, HR, and Consulting Solutions that Drive Profits Since 1987

Presentations and Training Programs (Services 1-8)
1. 17 Live Seminars for staff, managers, & executives (your premise or in Florida)
17 Restaurant Services
2. 3 Live Keynote Presentations for managers & executives (45, 60 & 90 minutes)
3. Writing Training Programs for employee & manager (from first day on forward) to include onboarding, orientation, classroom training. See #6 for on-the-job & hands-on training
 4.  Executive & Manager Training Services for front & back-of-the house

5. 11 Online Training Courses & Webinars for staff, managers, & executives
6. On-the-Job & Hands-On Training  Checklists, task lists, agendas, & schedules for managers (MIT) & staff
7. Waiter & Waitress Training Services  Motivating suggestive selling seminars, out-of-the-box PowerPoint & more
8. Train-the-Trainer Services Training programs, seminars, digital materials & tools for leads, instructors & trainers to teach in-house staff

Training Manuals & Materials (Services 9-12)
9. Customizable, Off-the-Shelf Digital Materials 100+forms, aids, templates, task lists & checklists for staff, managers & executives. See #10 for Manuals
10. 12 Customizable, Off-the-Shelf Digital Manuals for executives, managers & staff (franchise, operational, HR & SOP)
11. Custom Writing of Manuals & Materials  Company & franchise. Kitchen food specs., recipes, cooking/prep procedures, plate presentations
12. Off-the-Shelf Written Assessment Tools  Tests, answer keys, audits, evaluations, performance reviews & surveys. See #16 for in person assessments

Consulting and Professional Advice (13-16)
13. Get 30-Min.Free Consult Organizational development, goal setting, master training program, strategic planning, systems & culture. Perform project management & action-plan prioritizing 
14. Get 30-Min.Free Consult Turn around strategies to boost profits. Proven systems, training, human resources & strategies

15. Get 30-Min. Free Consult Hands-on assessing of front & back house systems to drive performance & productivity & generate streamlined operations. Assess work flow, organization, time management, cost effectiveness, high & low payoff areas
16. Live, In-Person Assessments of restaurant operations & personnel performance areas (20 areas) to generate greater profitability. See #12 above for off-the-shelf assessments


More Proven Services (17-20)
17. Restaurant Opening Services Project management & prioritizing of 200+ tasks (preopening, opening & support days). Seminars, POS training, new hire coordination, opening agenda-calendar, timelines, manuals, materials & more)
18. Email or Call for info. on custom development & the licensing of seminars & training programs for in-house instructors

19. Recruiting, Job Placement & Interviewing Services to assemble top notch teams. By phone, online, job fairs & onsite 
20. Coaching & Mentoring for executives & managers (similar to private tutoring)

Manuals and training products are sold at trade shows throughout the US and internationally to top restaurant chains and Fortune 500 companies

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