Five Star Training-Restaurant Training and Seminars for Restaurant Management and Staff
Five Star Training-Restaurant Training and Seminars for Restaurant Management and Staff

Restaurant Opening Checklist

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This Timeline/Task list is used to successfully open all size and type restaurants including chains and franchises. It is a solid guide and will help keep you on track during each phase of your pre-opening with providing suggested timelines and tasks.

This proven tool serves as a schedule, punch list, and calendar. It includes a six-month timeline with 200+ specific tasks to be completed prior to your restaurant opening. Some of the franchise-related tasks can be disregarded if you are a company-owned business.

Below, shows a sample portion of the actual document including specific tasks to be completed for both: 1) Six months and 2) Sixty days prior to the restaurant opening. This digital document can be customized and adjusted if your timeline is more or less aggressive than what is is illustrated below.

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Company and Franchise Initial Tasks 


Assigned To Person


( V )

Speak with a restaurant professional who specializes in openings to learn the costs and  restaurant opening expectations




Prepare a budget




Qualify for franchise program (i.e. by completing applications, questionnaires, interviews, etc.)




Receive documents/agreements (i.e. UFOC, developmental/region, etc.)




Receive franchise ownership approval/acceptance based in qualifications/credentials




Sign documents/agreements & return to company




Render initial deposit




Receive site criteria info.




Receive company's standard architectural blueprints/plans




Submit appropriate info. for necessary checks (i.e. credit, background check, etc.)




Submit personal/business references

Begin site selection

Submit site locations to company for consideration

Conduct site analysis of potential locations to determine a healthy market/location

Schedule site evaluation with company

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60 Days Prior to Opening


Assigned To Person


Complete (V )

Continue receiving bids from suppliers




Order supplies, small wares, products, services, & equip. that have a 45 day delivery window




Schedule & record ETA for deliveries on timeline for supplies/equip. deliveries




Receive furniture, fixtures, equip. supplies (have a crew on hand to help move items)




Record all received deliveries




Inventory all equip., supplies, & products ensuring all products are received (physically open containers)




Hold weekly meetings with mgmt. team/Chef to update them. Assign workable task lists to each person (while in training) by breaking down each area (i.e. lounge, kitchen, dining room, etc.) & departments (HR, Training, Marketing, etc.) of the restaurant.




Design marketing campaign/materials for print, radio, internet, etc (i.e. post cards, grand opening announcements). Confirm marketing vehicles & timeline.

Identify & prepare advertising media for crew hiring (flyers, newspaper, signs/banners). This will also serve to publicize the new restaurant opening.

Assign GM to report to new restaurant (45-60 days before Day One Training)

Determine estimated restaurant volume & begin sales/financial projections

Target a realistic opening date based on both the timeline to receive certifications, permits, permits, licenses, equip., & the construction progress.

Hire a maintenance person or retain an existing hourly employee for odds/ends, handy chores, & running errands

Assess individual training of Assist. Managers & assess training progress

Rent/Reserve a seminar facility if not all training will take place at the new location

Install/mount first aid kit(s)

Install/mount fire extinguishers

Arrange for restaurant cash handling (i.e. bank deposits, Wells Fargo/Brinks, credit cards, etc.)

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