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Pam Simos
Five Star Training-Restaurant Training and Seminars for Restaurant Management and Staff
33 Years of

-Business Degree
-Hospitality Grad.
-Keynote Speaker
-Published Author
-Former Trng. Dir.
& Multi-Unit Dir.
-Store Opener


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Consulting: Restaurant Assessment Areas

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Five Star training performs the following assessment services:

  1. Receive feedback from senior directors and complete short verbal questionnaire to acquire key information. Discuss past, present and future training programs and strategies
  2. Identify the culture (values, teamwork, accountability style, management leadership styles, and similar) so the devised training program can support the culture. Present a culture PowerPoint to convey important elements and to help correctly identify the culture
  3. Tour restaurant(s) to learn about the operation and various department functionalities
  4. Speak with key personnel such as restaurant managers, new hires, and trainers to learn about the success level of the training programs
  5. Assess materials including manuals and training programs

    Sample tasks:
    • Writing style
    • Substance completeness
    • Comprehensiveness
    • Organization
    • Learning fundamentals
    • Etc.
  6. Assess menu literature including recipes, cooking specs, cook/prep procedures, and plate presentations and ensure they are accurate and can be cooked/prepared by any level person

    Sample tasks:
    • Writing style
    • Substance completeness
    • Comprehensiveness
    • Organization
    • Learning fundamentals
    • Etc.
  7. Attend human resources/orientation presentation and other ongoing presentations
  8. Review the process and sequence of new hire onboarding
  9. Observe trainer program and the role of the trainer and learn the existing training process
  10. Review new hire and ongoing training for managers and employees (i.e. training topics, agenda, and schedules)
  11. Project management to include schematic goal setting and agenda creation of the roll out of training programs 
  12. Master phasing schedules and agendas to include training phases/stages, milestones, tasks with timeline for implementation
  13. Observe and assess hands on training programs for each hourly employee job position
  14. Observe and assess hands on training program for each management job position
  15. Experience dining and conduct shopper services similar to a guest including service, ambiance, cleanliness, quality of food and similar
  16. Call the restaurant(s) and conduct shopper services similar to a guest calling for information
  17. Review comment cards, online surveys, mystery diner reports and similar
  18. Conduct focus groups to determine a master plan for training, company strategic planning, turnaround strategies and more
  19. Work hands-on and assess system organization and streamlining in kitchen and dining room. Conduct workflow studies, productivity, and time management
  20. Assess performance strengths and opportunities of personel (i.e. executives, managers, lead trainers, and staff)

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