Five Star Training-Restaurant Training and Seminars for Restaurant Management and Staff
Five Star Training-Restaurant Training and Seminars for Restaurant Management and Staff
Restaurant Training Specialist
Pam Simos

Five Star Training-Restaurant Training and Seminars for Restaurant Management and Staff
33 Years of

-Business Degree
-Hospitality Grad.
-Keynote Speaker
-Published Author
-Former Trng. Dir.
& Multi-Unit Dir.
-Store Opener

Boost Sales 100K a Year
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Waitress Training and Waiter Training

Train waitresses &waiters to be top customer service experts—just like the chains!

Waitress Training

Eight Proven Products and Services:

1. Waiter & Waitress Manual - Customize it yourself! 

42-page digital waitstaff manual downloaded to you

Add #4 & #5 below for a full waitstaff training program with proven, digital written materials

Training Manuals and Materials

2. Restaurant Seminars - We train staff to win back guests

We offer 7 proven seminars—See topics and agenda of instructor-led, live seminars

Restaurant Training for Servers

3. Suggested Selling Plus Program – ***Add $100,000 more in sales per year***

See topics and agenda of instructor-led seminar and strategies for building a sales culture

Selling Plus Program

4. Waiter & Waitress Training Materials & Trainer Tools

Tool Kit for Trainers (See #28) 

Train-the-Server Checklist-150+ Training Tasks (See #29)

Selling Tips for Waiters and Waitresses (See #30)

Server Study Guides, Worksheets, & Exercises (See #31)

Restaurant Training Checklist for New Hires (See #32)

Wine, Beer & Champagne Opening Procedures (See #33)

Serving Alcohol Safety Procedures (See #34)

Restaurant Tests (See #35)

New Hire "What to Know" Form-Guest FAQ (See #36)

Waiter and Waitress Training Materials

5. Waiter & waitress out-of-the-box PowerPoint training program - Teach it yourself!

Full PowerPoint program (from A-Z) with 50 PowerPoint slides and all tools, exercises, and instructions needed

6. Out-of-the-box staff training or we train your trainers

Out-of-the-box employee training-Create training programs with buying 4 out-of-the-box programs with PowerPoints, handouts and exercises for hourly staff: Customer Service, Suggestive Selling, Host & Hostess, and Communication. Refer to #2 after clicking.


We teach trainers how to create a master training program and implement our proven concepts, exercises, handouts, worksheets, PowerPoint slides, role-play exercises, scenarios, and more. Topics: 7-P Standards, Customer Service, Teamwork, Service Recovery, "Feel Good" Experience, C-A-R-I-N-G Acronym, People Performance System. Refer to #6 after clicking.

Restaurant Employee Training 

7. On-the-Job Training - Create a "hands-on" restaurant training program

Design an on-the-job waitstaff training program with daily tasks and checklists ("Shadow" format). Use off-the-shelf tools or let us customize it

Hands On Restaurant Training 

8. Serve Em’ Up Waiter & Waitress Webinar-Train your servers our concepts

Get Instant Results & More Profit- Create A world-class, simplified server training program and run your dining room like clockwork. Learn how to: 

  • Develop a results-oriented server training program with all the essential tools and materials needed
  • Design your program for optimal success by building a solid training foundation, employing core training elements, and creating systems and structures.
  • Streamline, organize, and chunk training into easy, manageable parts to acheive peak productivity
  • Employ proven training exercises, learning acronyms and visual aids for interactive and accelerated learning
    Waiter and Waitress Webinar 

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